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Two Men to Pattern a Life After…

For Gill, Brown, their friendship transcends football.

For followers of Christ, Turner Gill and Ron Brown are two men to pattern a life after. Gill and Brown are celebrities in the state of Nebraska because of their ties to the Cornhusker football program, and because of this ‘celebrity’ their lives are on display for all to see.

I certainly haven’t attained the level of faith in action that these two men have, but when I think of modern day models of faithfulness, both of these men come to mind.

May God continue to bless them in their ministry to young men looking for strong, faithful, genuine, Godly role models; and may He continue to strengthen them in their walks with Christ.

–the civil commentator


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Win…just not this week…

Rhoads has changed football culture at Iowa State.

I am continually impressed with the head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones football team. Paul Rhoads is the kind of leader that lots of different schools and lots of different companies could benefit from. His belief in his players and the trust that they give him in turn is a source of encouragement in the sports world where too often image is more important than substance.

Iowa State is a tough place to coach. It’s difficult to compete with the prestige of other schools in its conference–let alone its own state–for highly rated talent. Seeing how Paul Rhoads has taken a school that went 5-19 in the two seasons prior to his arrival, and turned them into a winning program at 12-10, especially given the school’s recruiting challenges is nothing short of amazing.

Iowa State with Paul Rhoads is the school that you root for every week that they play, so long as they’re not playing your team. I wish them all the success in the world…except this week.

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