1 Kings 9-11

Today’s reading begins with the LORD appearing to Solomon a second time and concludes with the death of Solomon.

Although Solomon was blessed greatly by God with wisdom so great that no one before or after him could attain to it, Solomon’s life was filled with folly and he eventually grew cold towards the things of the LORD. In Chapter 11 of 2 Chronicles we read that Solomon greatly loved numerous foreign women. These women were from nations that the LORD instructed the people of Israel not to marry. Not only did Solomon take one wife from among these nations that the LORD knew would draw the hearts of His people away from Him, Solomon married many women from these people groups. Solomon had a total of 700 wives and 300 concubines and as the text states, these wives turned his heart away from the LORD.

How could a person so blessed by the LORD be so foolish as to violate the commands of the LORD? I think it speaks to exactly what the LORD warned the people of Israel about, that when the LORD had blessed the people with homes, and vineyards, and land that they would take their ease and stray from the Him. As Solomon saw fit to abandon his devotion to the LORD, the LORD saw fit to allow Solomon to experience the consequences of those decisions in addition to experiencing the anger of the LORD.

Although the LORD never took the kingdom away from Solomon, He soon would take it away from David’s house, and the kingdom would soon dissolve.


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