1 Samuel 20-22

Today’s reading begins with Jonathan’s warning to David and concludes with Abiathar running to David to escape death at the hands of Saul.

After David’s defeat of Goliath, and the subsequent praise and acclaim that David received from the people of Israel, it became apparent to Saul that David was a threat to his throne. Saul remembered the words of Samuel that God was going to bring an end to his kingdom, and with David’s rise to fame in Israel, I’m sure it was evident to him that David might be the man the God was calling to replace him.

Saul became obsessed with David and sought to subdue him or kill him. Anything to remove him as a threat to his kingdom. In the reading for today, it’s apparent that Saul will do anything to eliminate David as a threat and it doesn’t matter at what cost.

While David was fleeing Saul, he came to the land of Nob and the priest of the LORD that was there. David and his men were hungry and the priest gave David the Bread of the Presence of the LORD from the previous day. This was holy bread and this act serves as recognition of the fact that the LORD will make provision for us as He chooses. While David was meeting with the priest at Nob, a man by the name of Doeg an Edomite who was faithful to Saul took note of David’s presence there and the assistance given to David by the priest.

After David left the land of Nob, Saul came to the land of Nob and inquired about David. Doeg the Edomite told Saul that the priest at Nob had given David and his men bread to eat and a sword with which to defend himself. Saul confronted the priest and accused him of conspiring against him. Saul then commanded his men to kill the priest and all in the service to the LORD at Nob. For fear of the LORD, Saul’s men would not do it, but Doeg the Edomite did. Killing the priest and 84 others that day because they had given assistance to David and his men.

Saul was determined to kill David. Saul thought that by killing David he could eliminate the threat against his throne, but God had other plans.


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