Judges 4-5

Today’s reading begins with the judgments of Deborah and Barak and concludes with song of Deborah and Barak.

During the previous reason, the judge Ehud fought for Israel by killing Eglon the king of Moab and 10,000 of the strong men of Moab. God had saved the Israelites from servitude to an unrighteous king. In return, the people of Israel again strayed from the LORD. For their unfaithfulness and ungratefulness, the LORD sold the people of Israel into the hand of Jabin the king of Canaan. The king ruled cruelly over the people of Israel at the hands of his General, Sisera, for twenty years and the Israelites called out to the LORD for His help.

God spoke through Deborah the prophetess to call Barak and spoke the words of the LORD to him. The LORD commanded him through Deborah to recruit 10,000 men and go into battle against Sisera. Barak was a brave and valiant warrior and led the people to slaughter the warriors of Canaan. In his attempt to escape, Sisera came to one of the allies of King Jabin, Heber the Kenite. Thinking that he would be able to find escape and rest, Sisera went into the tent of Jael the wife of Heber and while he was resting, Jael took a tent spike and drove it through his head into the ground and killed him.

Once again, the LORD had rescued Israel from its enemies.


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