Joshua 15-17

Today’s reading begins with the description of the allotment of land given to the tribe of Judah and concludes with allotment of the land given to the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

I’m not quite certain where to go in blogging about the reading for this particular day. The entire reading is a description of the land that was given to various tribes of Israel. I suppose what is significant about the land grants described in this passage was the inclusion of the  daughters of Zelophehad in a granting of land of their own. In ancient times, women were considered to be less than men in privilege, power, and influence. They were restricted from being able to participate in many aspects of society, so it’s striking that they were granted land as an inheritance.

God felt that it was important that each of the children of Israel participate in the promise given to Abraham. So in spite of the societal limitations on women, God granted to these women a portion among their brothers who descended from Abraham. Certainly this must have been striking to the leaders of Israel, that in spite of how they may feel about the role of women in society, God would not prevent and exclude them from the Promise.


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