Leviticus 5-8

Today’s reading begins with atonement for additional types of sin and concludes with consecration of Aaron and his sons by Moses.

There are two items that I want to focus on in this post, the list of sins for which a sin offering was to be made and the requirements for this sin offering.

The sins for which a sin offering was to be made for intentional sins was extensive:

  • Refusing to testify after having been a witness to an incident
  • Touching an unclean animal or swarming thing
  • Touching any human uncleanness
  • Uttering a rash oath to do evil or good

For all of these sins a sin offering was required. What is interesting is that for sins of the kind listed above the sin offering varied based on a person’s ability to pay for the offering. The primary sacrifice was to be a female lamb or goat. If the sinner was unable to afford a female lamb or goat, two turtledoves or pigeons could be offered as a substitute. If turtledoves or pigeons could not be afforded by the sinner, then two liters of fine grain was to be the sin offering. The sin offering needed to be made and God made provision for the various economic circumstances in which the people of Israel found themselves.

This was the first listing of sins and required offerings in today’s reading, but there were three additional situations mentioned for which a sin offering was to be made.

The passage goes on detail how the sin and other offerings were to be prepared and offered by the priests. The passage concludes with Moses detailing the ordination of Aaron and his sons. As pointed out in a previous post, it’s interesting that Moses details his obedience to the LORD’s command so extensively. God knew of Moses’ obedience, but the LORD moved Moses to detail his actions to provide a history and proof of Moses’ obedience to God’s commands.


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