Reading Through the Bible

This should be interesting.

I’ve read through the Bible before, but it’s been a little while since I have and lately I’ve been feeling like I need to make the journey again. Typically I try to read through the Bible in a year. I’ve made the trek in different ways in the past in terms of timing, but it seems fitting and easier to accomplish when I give myself a year.

Generally the commitment to reading through the Bible isn’t too strenuous, it’s more of an exercise in consistency. It’s really easy to get off track: a long day at work here, an outing with friends there, the day is exhausting, etc. So what I’m going to be doing this year–a little scary to state–is to read through the entire Bible and for each day write a blog post reflecting on what I read.

I haven’t done any research into whether or not others have done the same, but I have to believe that it’s likely. I hope that I can be as committed to this task as it requires to be done well, but I consider myself to be a little bit inconsistent; a bit of a flake.

Today is my first reading, Genesis 1-4. Just look for the next post.

Off we go…


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