Share and Share Alike?

And this morning for your perusal, two articles:

Uninformed opinion: Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?.

Informed opinion: Is Using Your Neighbor’s Unsecured Wireless Router to Access the Internet Ethical?


For as often as radio ads and television news stories speak of the frequency and widespread danger of identity theft, it’s astounding how often people use unsecured wireless Internet connections.

I suppose for most people, ignorance is bliss. If you’re one of those people, consider your world just a tinge less blissful. Using any unsecured wireless connection is dangerous. Using the unsecured wireless connection of a person who’s identity is not known is dangerous and foolish. Having a wireless router with an unsecured connection is just plain foolish.

There are plenty of people who can help you secure your wireless connection at home to protect yourself and others. Ask your geeky friend; he (or she) will know what to do. If you have no geeky friends, then call out the Geek Squad or call your local computer store. Someone will be able to help you. An ounce of prevention will definitely be worth more than the pounds of cure. It will take little more than 30 minutes, and you can have peace of mind knowing that it’ll be someone else–your neighbor–who has to deal with all of the issues surrounding unsecured wireless Internet connections, and not you.

As the Internet approaches 2 billion users worldwide, it might be worth your time to put a security system on that wireless Internet connection. Just a thought…

–the civil commentator


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