It’s *always* Someone Else’s Fault

The title of the article below sums up the story quite well:

In Plea for Leniency, Child Sex Abuser Says Relationship With Priest is Linked to His Pedophilia.

In the ever-declining moral state of our society, taking responsibility for one’s actions is a rare occurrence. Even more shamefully, a supposed missionary now claims that his wicked acts against innocent youth are the result of:

…his relationship with an unidentified priest when he was a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut — coupled with his sexual identity issues, the sudden death of his father and his struggles with alcoholism — acted as “complex forces that led him to stray from his normally sound moral footing.”

While the defendant in this case states that he “freely acknowledges that he is responsible and answerable for his misconduct”, it’s obvious from his attempts to lessen his sentence that his acknowledgment of responsibility is worthless.

Any person who can commit such unspeakable acts against the most helpless members of society deserves no less than death. This man–if he can even be described as such–should feel fortunate that the potential penalty for his crimes doesn’t include the death penalty.

–the civil commentator


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