The George W. Bush I Thought I Knew…

Given most people’s personal distance from one of the most powerful leaders in the world, it’s impossible for the average person to know the person behind the office of the President of the United States. I have my own opinions as to who George W. Bush really is, but in this commentary, Mark McKinnon, a campaign strategist for the former President sheds some light on who the former president really is in his piece: The George Bush I Know.

I’m certain that each of you reading this has a different opinion about the presidency of George W. Bush, as well as about the man himself.

President Bush made his share of mistakes as President, but some comments by Mr. McKinnon summed up for me why I admire Mr. Bush so greatly:

Bush never complains. He never blames others. He takes full responsibility for his campaigns, his administration, his life. He accepts the cards he’s dealt. That’s the George Bush I know.

When we were up to our knees in the snows of New Hampshire and got whipped by John McCain by 19 points, my advertising colleague Stuart Stevens started packing his bags. I asked what he was doing. “We’re going to be fired,” he said speaking from the experience of someone who had been in previous presidential campaigns when things went south. But Bush called us all into his room, looked us all in the eye, and said, “When we walk out of here and the defeat we’ve just been dealt, I want all your heads high. This is not your fault. It’s mine alone. I let you down, and I apologize.”

May America always be blessed with leaders humble enough to accept responsibility for their decisions and take the blame for their consequences.

–the civil commentator


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