Is Asking Whether Obama ‘Gets It’ Getting Old?

Based on the comments she makes in her article: Whether Obama ‘Gets It’ Is Getting Old, Melinda Henneberger thinks so.

Ms. Henneberger goes on a journey throughout the political spectrum in an effort to illustrate how the ‘get it’ issue facing the Obama administration looks different to different people.

As discussed in my post from the day after the elections, No Mention of the Real Reason, this is the ‘get it’ facing the Obama administration. In exit polls from this past Tuesday conducted by Scott Rasmussen, 59% of those who voted favor repeal of the health care bill that the Democrat-controlled Congress and Obama finagled through the legislative process earlier this year.

59%…for some perspective, it’s advisable to look back at the 2008 election results. Then Senator Barack Obama won the popular vote over Senator John McCain by a final tally of 53% to 46% in the popular vote. Granted, fewer Americans voted in this week’s election that in the Presidential election of 2008; but with that being said, 13% of the voting public has shifted their allegiance from Barack Obama and the Democrats to the Republicans. Not surprisingly, the 59% majority who favor repeal of the health care reform bill passed by Congress is also comparable to the majority the Republicans now hold in the House of Representatives: approximately 55%-45%.

President Obama in his speech yesterday stated his belief that the American public was upset with the progress on job creation by the Administration and that was the reason for the ‘shellacking’ in the polls on Tuesday. While the unemployment situation is distressing, the mood of the voting public wasn’t stoked by lack of progress on unemployment only, nor was it the primary catalyst. The mood of the voting public was stoked to white hot by an Administration that promised to work on jobs, didn’t, labored instead on health care reform; and when it was rejected by the public, the Democrats in Congress and the President decided to proceed in spite of the opposition of the people they were sent to Washington to represent.

That is the ‘it’ that President Obama isn’t getting, and until he begins to represent the people who sent him to office, Republicans are likely to continue making gains.

–the civil commentator


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