At least common sense isn’t dead…yet

HUD Dismisses Complaint Against Woman for Ad Seeking ‘Christian Roommate’.

This case from the very outset was beyond ridiculous. The woman cited in the complaint wasn’t a landlord. She didn’t own the property, and not only that, she was going to be a common tenant in the dwelling for which a roommate request was being made.

The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan is not a government agency, but rather a private ‘watchdog’ group that is obviously more interested in headlines than actually trying to find true violations of the federal Fair Housing Act.

Thankfully for all members of our society, unlike the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) hasn’t lost its collective mind. Let’s hope for members of the faith community and those outside of it that it never does.

–the civil commentator



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