yikes! Ex-US football player faces caning in Singapore

FoxNews.com – Ex-US football player faces caning in Singapore.

i’m not really sure the punishment fits the crime; but someone, somewhere in Singapore thought so at some point.

it appears to be an extreme punishment for someone who was in the country because of his wife’s medical issues, so hopefully an appeal will significantly reduce or remove the punishment.

having said that, as noted in the article:

The Southeast Asian country boasts one of the lowest violent crime rates and highest standards of living in the world, but human rights groups often criticize the government for severe punishments, such as a mandatory death penalty for drug traffickers. Singapore also reiterated a ban on the sale of chewing gum and announced a crackdown on littering this year.

it’s difficult to argue with results, so may I make a suggestion before you book your next trip to Singapore: thoroughly read the rule book.


–the civil commentator


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