how to win a write-in campaign…

for Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, this year’s election isn’t about national, state, or local issues; it’s about one thing: getting elected. in her new campaign ad, she isn’t talking issues, she’s talking “Murkowski”.

after her defeat in the republican primary for senate in Alaska, Ms. Murkowski has decided to wage a write-in campaign to retain her senate seat. she is currently in second place in recent polling in the state. only one to two points behind the republican candidate Joe Miller.

what complicates matters for her is just how Alaskan election officials will interpret the state law regarding write-in candidacies. the law states that the name of the candidate must be spelled correctly and the oval next to the candidate’s name be filled-in. there seems to be some leniency that will be given to voters as written about here, but just in case, the Murkowski campaign is covering their bases.

–the civil commentator


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