Facebook Apps Transmit, Sell Personal Info

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FoxNews.com – Facebook Apps Transmit, Sell Personal Info.

from the article:

“Apps” are pieces of software that let Facebook’s 500 million users play games or share common interests with one another. The Journal found that all of the 10 most popular apps on Facebook were transmitting users’ IDs to outside companies.

The apps, ranked by research company Inside Network Inc. (based on monthly users), include Zynga Game Network Inc.’s FarmVille, with 59 million users, and Texas HoldEm Poker and FrontierVille. Three of the top 10 apps, including FarmVille, also have been transmitting personal information about a user’s friends to outside companies.

i hope you’ve enjoyed your time on FarmVille, because they’ve definitely appreciated leaking your information to loads of other companies and people.

just another reason to avoid Facebook altogether. users should be aware that when using the service that privacy and safeguarding of personal information are a distant second to Facebook’s desire to make the Internet more ‘social’.

–the civil commentator


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