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what are your thoughts? are NFL rules trickling down to college?

i’m a Nebraska (NU) Cornhuskers football fan, so I try to keep myself somewhat in the know about the goings on in the program. during Nebraska’s game with Oklahoma State (OSU) last Saturday, October 23, one of the NU players made a vicious hit on an OSU player during a kickoff return that went for a touchdown for Nebraska. there was a penalty called on NU during the play; but it was a sideline infraction, not the hit made during the return, and it cost NU 5 yards on the point-after kick.

the announcers for ABC Sports discussed and condemned the hit at some length during the broadcast because the hit resulted in an injury to the OSU player involved. the incident has resulted in the one-game suspension of Nebraska player Eric Martin by the Big 12 Conference. if a player is flagged during the course of the football game for “targeting an opponent”, the team of the offending player is penalized 15 yards and no further action is taken.

footage of the return and the subsequent replay of the hit are embedded below:

Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald has registered his opinion here:

NFL rule trickling down to college? –

so tell me, what do you think? is this suspension justified or is it blowing things out of proportion?

UPDATE: here’s another reaction about the decision by the Big 12 Conference to suspend an NU player. from Sam McKewon: Bogey for the Course

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fear not wrestling fans!

a federal judge has ruled that you don’t have to change your t-shirt or leotard or presumably your cape and title belt before you go to vote in Connecticut next Tuesday. i’m sure you’re all relieved to hear the news.

more from

Conn. judge says WWE fans can wear garb to polls.


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things you probably didn’t know – One EMP burst and the world goes dark –

One EMP burst and the world goes dark –

i was made aware of this scenario some time ago and got myself all worked up about it. this article does a good job of explaining the situation and giving a realistic summary of possible effects of a massive Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) burst whether a result of natural phenomena or man-made causes.

i hope the article informs you without making you panic.

the world is full of scenarios to fear. what gives me peace in times of fear and uncertainty is knowing that God has been, is, and always will be in control of the affairs of the universe. no matter the stock that men place in their ability to control their own destiny and that of the world, God always has the final say.

Psalm 46; Jeremiah 10:10, 12, 23; Matthew 6:33-34

–the civil commentator

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just in time for Halloween! – The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn

need a costume? Just In Time for Halloween

although liking this costume gives me away as kind of a nerd, I still think it’s hilarious and quite ingenious.


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pay attention facebookers! — Firesheep Firefox Extension Lets You Easily Hack Twitter And Facebook | Geeky Gadgets

Firesheep Firefox Extension Lets You Easily Hack Twitter And Facebook | Geeky Gadgets.

if this doesn’t scare you then you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, or other easily hacked services.

the Geeky Gadgets crew gives you a workaround to protect yourself from casual and not-so-casual hackers who want to mess with your accounts. Protect Your Login From Firesheep | Geeky Gadgets.


–the civil commentator

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askers and guessers…what are you?

The Simple Dollar » Askers, Guessers, and Personal Finance.

the above article will give you loads of insight into the minds of all sorts of people that you will interact with throughout the course of your lifetime.

if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t believe he/she asked me that!” then this article may provide you with some answers.

it’s very difficult to say anything is “life changing”, but this article may qualify.  i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


–the civil commentator

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i had no idea…America the Beautiful Quarters

America the Beautiful Quarters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

if you’ve been looking at your pocket change lately, you may have noticed some new designs.apparently, I’m completely clueless, because I didn’t even realize that this program was happening.

the article will provide you with a little extra trivia power the next time you’re on Jeopardy!.


–the civil commentator

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